Benefits of CQI

Benefits of CQI can tell you how well you are doing and tell you exactly what you need to do to improve. Your QA department can then go to work using accurate, timely data that can be measured and improved upon. Our scoring and rating system¬© is a numeric value that enables you to get to the problem quickly at the first signs of trouble. We can work with your medical director to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed or unaddressed. That’s the benefits of CQI!

Benefits to Your Service
For Fire Chiefs, EMS Coordinators,
Town Managers, Medical Directors
For Medical Directors
  • Fulfillment of hospital QA requirements
  • Experienced, independent paramedic review of all calls
  • Identification of problem calls
  • Help in addressing identified problems
  • Timely updates on clinical issues
  • Ease of reviewing computerized data and summary analysis
  • Summaries to benchmark individual agencies
  • Reduced medical/legal risk
  • Data for morbidity and mortality rounds
For All
  • Measurable improvements to patient care
  • Education and training for your personnel
  • Improved customer relations and performance-based contracts
  • Data for use in public relations in your community
For Chiefs, EMS Coordinators, Town Managers
  • Independent and unbiased run reviews
  • Internal time savings
  • Precise data collection and analysis
  • Educational, not punitive, approach to improvement
  • Tool for performance reviews and promotions
  • Good medical and legal risk management strategy
  • QI process standards that exceed state requirements
  • Improved profitability through reduced costs, inefficiencies, and payer rejections
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