Here are just a few of the many reports available to help follow your improvement using the G&A system

G&A System Report

ALS and BLS breakdown of Scoring System and Performance Rating

provider score ranking

ALS and BLS Score Ranking For Each Provider Amongst Their Peers

G&A System Ranking

This is a Score Ranking Report showing your Performance Rating against other agencies

System Sepsis Report

ALS and BLS breakdown of Sepsis Scoring System and Performance Rating

agency Sepsis Alert Summary Report

This report summarizes Sepsis Alerts, breaks down Sepsis indicators, etc.

STEMI Identification List

This report lists calls identified as a STEMI by provider, auditor or MD

Agency Stroke screening report

This report summarizes Stroke screenings and breaks down elements of the screenings

multi-agency ranking report

This report shows where your agency ranks amongst other agencies

infraction detail report

This report shows call info and audit details whch triggered a level "3" infraction score